The 2018 June DCPPC workshop will take place on June 29-30 in Portland, Oregon concurrent with the GCC BOSC 2018 Conference. Both GCC BOSC and the DCPPC Workshop will be held at Reed College in Portland.


We need you to complete two registration forms. We apologize in advance for the duplication of effort, but it is necessary.

  1. CollaborationFest EventBright Form: Select the “free CollaborationFest: Core, Fri-Sat June 29-30” option
  2. Official DCPPC Form


The goals of all monnthly workshop are to build community, to facilitate planned and serendipitous collaboration across teams, and to surface hidden issues around technical and conceptual interoperability. Teams Helium, Argon, Calcium, and Xenon are planning a 2-day hackathon that will run concurrently with the workshop. The hackathon themes are Workflows, DOS+BDBags, and Auth. When you register for the workshop, you will be asked to indicate the extent to which you plan to particpate in the workshop and/or hackathon.

Wi-Fi Access

  1. Select ReedXenia from your list of wireless networks.
  2. Members outside the Reed community should click “Register as Guest” and enter a name and e-mail address or phone number. Log in using your e-mail address as the username, and the numerical password e-mailed/texted to you.
  3. After registering, you may be warned by your browser that you’re being redirected to Reed’s homepage.

Having problems? Talk to the registration desk or see here.


The “West Parking Lot” is just outside the Performing Arts Building. You can park there for free. Visit the Reed parking map for more information. Note, on that Map, the fine arts building is building No. 21.


Lodging in the Sitka Block of Reed campus is available for attendees without children. Reserve your spot at

Here is a list of hotels that are all about 20 minutes from Reed College. We recommend staying at the Benson hotel.


We know that primary caretakers of dependent children face inequitable hurdles when it comes to attending conferences.

Childcare is available! However, space is very limited and you are encouraged to book childcare right now at Addittionally, Feel free to contact Team Copper at if you have specific questions or concerns.

Code of Conduct

All members of the Commons are expected to follow the code of conduct. We will enforce this code as needed. We expect cooperation from all members to help to ensure a safe environment for everybody.