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centillion is a Python program built using whoosh (search engine library). It indexes the full text of docx files in Google Documents, just the filenames for non-docx files. The full text of issues and their comments are indexed, and results are grouped by issue. centillion requires Google Drive and Github OAuth apps. The credentials to access these services via their respective APIs can be accomplished by providing the API credentials via the centillion configuration file.

Also see APIs page.


See Configuring centillion page.

Search class

The file defines a Search class that serves as the backend for centillion.

What the Search class does

The Search class has two roles:

  • create (and update) the search index (this also requires the Search class to define the schema for storing documents)

  • run queries against the search index and prepare the query results to be rendered by Flask using Jinja templates

Methods implemented by the search class

The Search class implements the following methods:

  • update_index (update entire search index)
  • open_index (create new schema, open index on disk)

  • add_drive_file (add an individual google drive file item)

  • add_issue (add an individual github issue item)
  • add_ghfile (add an individual github file item)
  • add_emailthread (add email thread item)
  • add_disqusthread (add disqus comments thread)

  • update_index_gdocs (iterate over all Google Drive documents and add them)

  • update_index_issues (iterate over all Github issues and add them)
  • update_index_ghfiles (iterate over all github files and add them)
  • update_index_emailthreads (iterate over all subgroup email threads and add them)
  • update_index_disqus (iterate over all disqus comment threads and add them)

  • create_search_results (package search results for the Flask template)

  • get_document_total_count (ask centillion for count of documents of each type)
  • get_list (get a listing of all files of a particular type)

  • search (perform a search on the search index with the user's query)

Search Index Schema

Schema fields

Following is a list of fields contained in the search index schema. (These are not all defined for all document.)

  • id
  • kind
  • fingerprint
  • created_time
  • modified_time
  • indexed_time
  • title
  • url
  • mimetype
  • owner_email
  • owner_name
  • repo_name
  • repo_url
  • issue_title
  • issue_url
  • github_user
  • content

Translating new items into the schema

centillion contains support for Google Drive, Github,, and Disqus APIs.

If you want to add a new API with new types of items, you need to map the fields of the new type of items that centillion will index to the search index schema fields above.

Not every item needs to define every field. However, if the schema needs new fields added to it, the entire search index will need to be re-built (may be time-consuming).