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Configuring Centillion

centillion is configured using a single configuration file that contains configuration details for both the flask frontend and the whoosh backend.

General Info

Example config files

Test config files

Just one configuration file (frontend+backend)

To configure centillion, provide a single configuration file that specifies configuration details for both the Flask webapp frontend and the search backend.

There is an example configuration file in the repository at:


The contents of this file are given below:

# github oauth (access control)

# github acces token (issues/PRs/files)


# disqus 

# location of search index on disk
INDEX_DIR = "search_index"

# labels for repo footer
FOOTER_REPO_NAME = "centillion"

# Flask secret key


Pass location with environment variable

The location of this configuration file should be passed in to the program running centillion via the CENTILLION_CONFIG environment variable. For example, if the program examples/ contains a script that imports centillion and runs the webapp, you can pass the config file using the CENTILLION_CONFIG environment variable like this:

CENTILLION_CONFIG="config/" python examples/

Configuring API access

The centillion configuration file must contain API keys for each of the following third-party services:

  • Github
  • Google Drive
  • Disqus

See APIs page for details about the types of API keys required and how each API is used by centillion.