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Frontend Web Interface

Frontend: User access control

Because centillion indexes internal and private documents for the Data Commons project, centillion implements a Github authentication layer on top of the Flask server. This authentication layer asks users to log in with their Github accounts, and if the user is a member of the DCPPC organization, they are granted access to the centillion website.

See the Github Authentication Layer page for details.

Frontend: Flask routes

By default, the user is redirected to the /search route, which provides a text box in which the user can type their queries. Clicking on the centillion logo at the top will always bring the user back to the search route.

Screen shot: centillion search

Route: /help

Below the centillion logo, the user is provided links to an FAQ page and a help page. The help page provides the user with an explanation of how to search for items, an explanation of what items are indexed, and some example queries.

Screen shot: centillion help

Users are also provided with guidance on running advanced queries, the use of search operators, and a list of fields, as well as several examples of date-based criteria:

Screen shot: centillion advanced searches

Route: /faq

Below the centillion logo, the user is provided links to an FAQ page and a help page. The FAQ page provides the user with answers to frequently-asked questions. Several questions were added based on user feedback.

The FAQ covers important issues like licensing of content and information about what content is indexed and what content is not indexed. There is also information about how we protect the privacy of users.

Route: /master_list

There is a master list of all content indexed by centillion at the master list page,

A master list for each type of document indexed by the search engine is displayed in a table:

Screen shot: centillion master list

The metadata shown in these tables can be filtered and sorted by clicking on the respective columns.

Route: /control_panel

The centillion control panel is located at The control panel allows you to rebuild the search index from scratch. The search index stores versions/contents of files locally, so re-indexing involves going out and asking each API for new versions of a file/document/web page. When you re-index the main search index, it will ask every API for new versions of every document. You can also update only specific types of documents in the search index.

Screen shot: centillion control panel